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Safe Investments

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What Are Safe Investments?

Most are now aware that the economy may be in a bit of trouble. In the past, when this has happened, many have quickly taken all of their money out of investments, which did not make matters in better. In fact, they made things much worse. Instead of pulling your money out and making the economy even shakier, you should think about switching to what would be safe investments. Perhaps safe is not the best word though, you may want to think about safer investments instead. Nothing is guaranteed.

You may already know something about safe investments if you have a 401k plan through your employer. Many offer you the option of choosing between what you would think of as safe investments, medium risk, and very risky. You should always start with the safer of all of your choices when you first join, and then you can take just some at a later date to put into ones that might be riskier, but that would also get you more gains. In times of trouble, however, that may not be a smart idea. Stay with the tried and true to better protect your money.

When you think of making safe investments in the stock market, think about companies that you have known for a long time and that have a good track record no matter what was happening with the economy at any given time. You may think of things like Coke, Pepsi, and other companies that consistently make money. These companies are usually known around the world and have things that people will buy no matter what happens. You may even consider companies that make things that are essentials like food, toilet paper, and clothing. Those tend to be safer investments.

You can also talk with someone at your bank about safe investments that they would recommend. You can get a money market account, which is essentially a savings account with a minimum balance requirement and a higher interest rate. You can make slow but steady money that way, as long as it is protected by the FDIC. You may think about IRAs, but remember that those are prone to failure in tough times, and may not be covered by the FDIC. That means that they would not be a safe investment if the bank were to fail, as you would lose all your uninsured money. Insurance is something that is essential if you can get it, and serves you well no matter what happens next.

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