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Investing In A College Savings Account
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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It's amazing, the progress of humanity. We humans began as equals, but quickly picked leaders to help us in hunting raids and later raids against other clans of people. Leaders gave us a sense of security for all of their strength, posturing, and charisma. Yet as time went by, the leaders became too important, until they were elevated to living gods.

As time went further by people fought these ideas, until other forms of power usurped the old ways, resulting in such institutions as feudalism, which gave way to mercantilism, until we arrive at our modern systems of economics and power distribution. With this thought in mind, many people desire to send their children to university, that their children can better themselves and their family's general wellbeing. For this purpose, it is important to consider the value of starting a college savings account.

A college savings account is an excellent means for a family to prepare a child's future in higher education. First, it sets a standard and expectation for our children. This is not to say that such expectations should be absolutely enforced, though when providing a gentle "nudge," as a college savings account does, it may prove effective in convincing a child of the benefits of a college education.

Further, a college savings account "actuates" not only the ability for a higher education, but for the philosophy, the idea itself to be set firmly in a child's mind as she grows up. "Actuation" according to many self-help and success gurus and their subsequent books, are the first steps in formally beginning any great endeavor. Often this simply starts with a list.

The list in question here would be to determine how much a child will be expected to pay for college when she is eighteen years of age. This is posted annually by certain magazines like Newsweek. From this figure it must be figured out exactly how much money can be put into a savings account -and how often, whether monthly, weekly, or whatnot, to fulfill the target figure by the age of eighteen. This can be determined with a banking officer who will put everything into plain language coupled with the necessary figures. From there, the rest is all about saving for the golden future.

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